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CIE understands the increasingly important role of sustainability in today’s manufacturing-driven world, and is committed to finding answers to industry challenges designed to reduce impact on our natural resources. Environmental goals are well within reach when coupled with CIE’s creative, green solutions.

Key Areas of Focus For CIE Include:

These are areas that we engage in routinely and that are quantifiable in their value to many companies and organizations. Our expertise in these areas continue to lead to meaningful solutions that not only effect your bottom line, but can elevate the perception of your company in the eyes of others.

We actively embrace the direct relationship between sustainability and the overall health and wellness of individuals everywhere, and its role in creating a more promising tomorrow for our children, and grandchildren.

A Sustainable Approach to Business Can Provide Advantages Relevant to:

  • Your community
  • Safety and compliance
  • A strategy to attract and retain talent
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Competitive advantages for customers

There are many reasons why CIE embraces sustainability, but stated simply, “It’s about the long term value generated for our community, our environment and our company.”

Please contact us to begin a dialog around how we might help you with innovative green solutions to incorporate sustainability into your waste reduction operations. Call us at (765) 384-4001 & ask to speak with Jason P. Drook or email Jason at